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FAQ Q&A List

Questions About Record / Sound Source

In the case of record there is no specific recordable time.
If you make the groove thinner, you can record a lot of grooves in the recording area so it can be recorded for a long time.
However there is a certain limit because the volume decreases in proportion to the narrowness of the groove.
Please note that the recording time may also be affected by the texture of the song etc.
Please check《Recommend Recording Time》 in detail.

RPM indicates how many turns the record rotates per minute. Of course 45 rpm rotetats faster than 33 1/3 rpm.
High speed rotation record is more stable. Besides, the groove to be played per second becomes longer and it can express more delicately so that reproduce quality improves. Instead, the recordable time is restricted.
33 1/3 rpm record can be recorded for a loger time than 45 rpm record becase it rotates slowly. Instead, sound volume and sensibility is restricted.
Therefore, in general, it is desireble that the single is 45 rpm and the album is 33 1/3 rpm.
Please check《Recommend Recording Time》 in detail.

《Recommend Recording Time》
RPM 7" 12"
33rpm one side until 6 min. one side until 20 min.
45rpm one side until 4 min. one side until 11 min.

It is true.
There are several factors. It is said that sound quality is better because the groove of the record is meandering finely, the shape of the groove is more stable at the outer circumference.
For that reason, In case of album, highly recommended track is recorded in the first song.

The sound changes in the playback environment (needle, player, amp ... etc). Also please check the setting of the player's needle pressure etc. based on the instruction manual of each equipment.
If the size of the turntable on which the record is to be set is less than 12 inches, playback failure, sound distortion, needle jumping, etc. may occur.

As a source, the donut hole is a hole enlarged to set it in a jukebox. An adapter is required to play a record donut type.
Although it is rare to use it for a jukebox now, the idea of ​​"donut type is suitable speaking of a single record" still stands out.
You can safely say that there is no difference in sound. The charge does not change.

The vinyl chloride material used is about 120g for the normal vinyl and about 180g for the heavy vinyl.
Depending on the weight of the heavy vinyl, the rotation is more stable, and as a result, the playing quality improves.

The following media.

■CD-R(CD-DA) / DAT(16bit 44.1kHz / 48kHz)
■Data CD (WAV) ※32bit is not allowed.
■ 1 / 4 Analog Tape (Speed 15 ips or 30 ips)
■Half Inch Analog Tape (Speed 15 ips or 30 ips)
※CD-R(CD-DA) is most popular media for recording.

●Please enclose the media and a track list and send it in such a way that it will not be damaged (hardcase etc.).
●When using CD-R, please use high quality brands.
●When inputting data to media, please do at an appropriate "writing speed" for audio (one on one is desirable).
●Please listen and check after recording.
●Please be careful with the handling of media.
●Please clean the surface of the disk and prevent physical damage.

Please be aware of the following points, you should be able to make a great record.

●Please do not exceed recommended time as much as possible. If it exceeds this, it will lower the recording level and dynamics. In order to obtain a high recording level, it means that the recording time needs to be kept as short as possible (please check recommend recording time).
●Please don't use sound source using excessively high range.
●As one of the major characteristics of the record, the part of the master sound source whose low and high volume are excessively large is not suitable for records. It is recommended to check the frequency characteristics of the master sound source.
●Excessive "negative phase" components below 300 Hz will be cut.
●There is a danger that a sound change will occur in the process of cutting when recording a quite different sound from natural sound (ex: processor, effect processed vocals).
●Recording in two styles is possible.
◼︎Standard....Good quality recording with standard measurement and level
◼︎Loud...While careful not to distortion, cutting at a higher level.
●Regarding the playback result, it depends on the quality of the playback equipment at the listener side, the state of technology and the adjustment.

Questions About Order

Depending on the conditions such as quantity, it will be delivered in about one month from receipt of payment and receipt of master sound source, printed design.
When manufacturing lines are crowded, it may be more than that.

We can offer the order from 500 pieces. (in the case of overseas shipment)

It is not the title of that record, it will be called on the manufacturing process. It is necessary in many cases on distribution.
Please be sure to set item number as it becomes mandatory when ordering.
Usable characters:alphanumeric characters, hyphen(-)
※10 characters or less is desirable.

The lacquer disk is the original of the master. Because of the technology of master plate production it is necessary to be larger than the usual record, so the size will be larger. Especially in case of 7", the size is different greatly because the size of the lacquer is 10", but the position of the groove is 7" size.

Questions About Printing Matters

First, A type means American type, E type means European type.
A type is a double structure that pastes the printed thin paper onto the cardboard body. E type is a structure to print directly on cardboard.
Generally, A type with high rigidity and many paper quality options is selected.
Because the paper thickness of the E type is thin, the opening is flexible accordingly, so it is easy to put in and out records, sometimes the E type is preferred from DJ.
※7" jacket corresponds to E type only.

Please create data according to the following criteria.

A. Requirements related to submitted data
●Normally, CMYK is recommended for photographs. (RGB is available, but it is necessary to convert).
●The photograph data is limited to 350 dpi (resolution) or more at full size.
●Monochrome image characters and line drawings etc. are limited to 1200 dpi or more at full size.
●For all printing materials, a 3mm trimming edge is required on the side / edge around. It is necessary to make 3mm larger than the finished dimension (When laying pictures etc. on the whole surface, please make 3 mm larger than the finished dimension.).

B. Format for submitted data
●Data made with PDF, composit, PostScript, Acrobat compatible. X1-a is desirable.
●Data made with Illustrator, Quark, Photoshop (All materials must be attached.).

C. Sending media for submitted data
Media is limited to major media such as CD-R, floppy disk, MO etc.

D. Sending submitted data

●All files must be compressed (zip, stuffit, etc.).
●For data created in windows, please add an extension to the file name.

※To download templates of printed design, please click here .