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1959 June

Established with capital 3 million yen

1959 August

SP Record Material Factory and Printing Factory founded

1961 February

SP Record Material Factory closed
Started Operation at Vinyl chloride record material Record Pressing Factory

1961 March

Capital increased to 6 million yen

1962 January

Capital increased to 9 million yen

1962 May

Capital increased to 13.2 million yen

1963 May

Capital increased to 22.5 million yen

1963 Octorber

Tsurumi factory completed in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama

1964 May

Capital increased to 45 million yen

1964 June

Became a factory permitted to display Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

1966 May

Started Operation at Record Master Factory

1969 February

Capital increased to 90 million yen

1969 December

Tsunashima factory completed in Kohoku-ku, Yokohama

1970 June

Capital increased to 300 million yen

1971 May

Head office relocation to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

1973 March

Capital increased to 375 million yen

1974 March

Capital increased to 450 million yen

1999 July

Tsunashima factory closed

2002 March

Suehiro factory completed in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama

2002 August

At Suehiro Factory, the factory functions were consolidated, head office was relocated and registrated

2004 April

Minami-Aoyama office opened in Minato-ku, Tokyo

2007 May

Akasaka office opened in Minato-ku, Tokyo

2009 August

New Aoyama office opened in Minato-ku, Tokyo
Minami-Aoyama and Akasaka Office was consolidated

2010 March

Head office relocation and registration to Shin-Aoyama Building